Dalmon Camp

The main camp, the Dalmon, is located in Llano county, Texas.  It is 1100 acres divided into three main areas separated by county roads.

Camp Rules

1.  Welcome to Moseley Camp!  Iíve provided you with a first class facility.  I request your cooperation in taking care of it.

2.  No Smoking is allowed in the cabins!

3.  Please put cigarette butts in butt cans, not on ground!

4.  Please leave cabins as clean & orderly as you found them!  Clean up as you go, especially cooking/kitchen areas.

5.  Place aluminum in containers provided for such.

6.  No trash of any type is to be left behind in pastures, in or around stands, etc.  Please close windows on box stands when departing them & remove/bring ALL TRASH back with you and dispose of properly.

7.  Please BAG ALL TRASH & place in blue trailer west of cabins.

8.  Please place ice chests OFF the sidewalks.

9.  Take all unwanted deer parts to the dump & thoroughly wash down deer cleaning areas.

10.  Make sure all trailers, etc., are parked in the area west of the cabins.

11.  All game MUST BE properly tagged.  Please report all kills to me daily.

12.  Please do NOT turn A/C thermostats below 72 degrees.  If set lower than this temp, the units will freeze & cease to cool.

13.  Please do NOT remove anything (chairs, cooking utensils, etc.) from the cabins.  If itís not your property, leave it.

14. Please DO NOT make ANY changes to deer feeder timer settings!

15.  Absolutely NO LOADED GUNS in the camp area.  Unload before you return to camp, and make absolutely sure that bolts or breechblocks on all weapons are OPEN at ALL TIMES.  Safety FIRST!

16.  Please make sure that you read, understand, and FOLLOW these rules & policies.  I have ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone not following them to the letter!  If you donít understand something, feel free to ask.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in you & your party NOT being welcome to hunt here in the future!  Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Pictures of Dalmon Camp

The main building at the Dalmon Camp.  One office, three hunter cabins, and one community indoor full bathroom.  Covered walk way all around the building makes getting around in bad weather a whole lot easier.

The end of the Dalmon Camp building, this is the entrance to the community full bathroom.

The walk ways are 8 foot wide to keep you out of the weather and provide shade, parking is right outside.

The office end of the Dalmon Camp building.  This is where we meet new hunters and handle business. 

Picnic table and BBQ pit available even in poor weather or after dark.



Remote electric and water hookup available for RVs or campers.

Cleaning area at Dalmon Camp.  Plenty of room, lights, and running water to clean your harvest.

Outdoor gathering and cooking area at Dalmon.  A place to relax and cook some steaks with friends and family.

This is the inside of one of the hunting cabins at the Dalmon Camp.  This view shows the kitchen area end.  All cabins come equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, coffee machine, pots, pans, and utensils.

Here is another view of the kitchen area.

Sleeping area, three bunk beds.  You have to provide your own sleeping bags or linens, and pillows.  Nothing fancy, but it sure beats sleeping in the bed of the truck on a cold morning.

Box blind and feeder at Dalmon.



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